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Blasphemy, Volume I

A Novel                                $25 + shipping

On the opalescent planet, Pharathe, an alcoholic mystic, a self-serving egomaniac and a violent psychopath team up to cross the sea of clouds, called the Q’Sh, in search of treasure. While each one secretly plots the destruction of the others, and to keep whatever they find for themselves, what they eventually bring up ends up being nothing short of each villain’s own personal hell. This is the first part of two.


Blasphemy, Volume II

A Novel

Part II picks up where the first part left off, and continues to tell the tale of Blasphemy.  The airship chartered for the journey, the Amelia, makes its way across the Q’Sh, while all on board begin to succumb to their paranoia and greed. After many adventures, they come to the spot and begin to haul aboard the coveted treasure, not knowing what to expect, and not at all expecting what they find.


Coming Soon


A Novel                   $25 + shipping

A disgraced Delphic Priestess cursed with immortality is left to watch the unending repetition of mistakes made by mortals in the elusive name of love.

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