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Jason Byron


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Parts 1 & 2

Blasphemy is the first novel by Jason Byron and is an elaboration on the Kayo Dot album of the same name. Blasphemy blends sci-fi, dark fantasy and horror into a twisted tale of greed and its catastrophic consequences. Though it is divided into two volumes, Blasphemy is both one story and part of a trilogy in process.


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Touring with Kayo Dot in 2023

2.25.2023   Haarlem, Netherlands

2.26.2023   Berlin, Germany

2.28.2023   Warsaw, Poland

3.01.2023   Krakow, Poland

3.02.2023   Prague, Czech Republic

3.04.2023   Graz, Austria

3.05.2023   Mantova, Italy  


About Jason Byron

Jason Byron is a New England poet and writer of dark fantasy, horror, humor, and his experiences working with the occult.

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